Manpower Outsourcing

With years of experience across various segment ranging from Government sector to Private sector Kartavya understand the fact that skilled manpower with leadership attributes is the key for performance delivery and success of any project. Right kind of human resources are of paramount importance in achieving the desired objective and organizational goal and keeping this aspect in view it has ventured into human resource management aspects.
We at Kartavya Consultants Pvt. Ltd. provide a complete solutions to human resource managemen tby adopting all the requisite best of industry standard process starting from extensive candidate searches,in-depth interviews, complete behavioral and skills assessments etc.,



MVS/Upgrade Sales

Kartavya Consultants Pvt. Ltd., in strategic tie-up with Wipro Limited, offers its customers a whole range of new Wipro Desktops, Servers, Laptops, storages and also supplement Maintenance Contracts of all makes of Desktops, Servers, Laptops, and Printers & Other Peripherals. In addition to this we provide complete support on all kind of platforms ranging from Windows Server, UnixWare, Linux, Novell, Lotus Notes, MS Exchange etc and all these activities are serviced by our WIPRO certified engineers . Customers also has the option of putting our engineers locally in their establishment termed as Resident Engineer.
For any queries on above services, our service officers can be contacted who would guide yourself on your specific requirement



Franchise Operations

The Wipro’s Franchise Operations we started with primary objective to service PCs, Servers & Peripherals. This division has also helped us to build requisite skills in complex and advanced IT products as well as operating systems covering Novell, UNIX Linux & Sun Solaris.


Skill-Sets Available


• Microsoft operating system.

• Linux

• Windows 2000 Server/ Windows 2003 Server/ Windows 2008 & 2012

• Lotus Notes

• Messaging

• RAID Implementation & Storage Support

• Peripherals: Hubs, LAN Terminals Servers, Scanners etc.

• Data Centre Planning, Setup and implementation




The franchise operations consistently meet the high targets by Wipro. During the current year we have been rated as Number One franchise in the East. The general performance levels achieved are:

• Response Time: Less than 4 Hours – 98%

• Calls per machine per month: 0.17

• First call Effectiveness: 95%




The entire franchisee service mechanism is computerized and we based call monitoring system is in place with an aim to improve efficiency which is also coupled with dash boards for generating daily based MIS reports indicating the performance parameters as per standard practice of WIPRO.




This e division is headed by Manager-Operations leading a team of 30 WIPRO certified support engineers and call coordinators who takes care the day-to-day business operations.



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