Franchise Operations

Maintenance Contracts

The Wipro Franchise Operations was started with primary objective to service PCs, Servers & Peripherals sold and takes Maintenance Contracts by Wipro Limited. This division has also helped us to build requisite skills in complex and advanced IT products as well as operating systems covering Novell, UNIX Linux & Sun Solaris.

Skill-Sets Available

Microsoft operating system.


Windows 2000 Server/ Windows 2003 Server/ Windows 2008 & 2012

Lotus Notes


RAID Implementation & Storage Support

Peripherals: Hubs, LAN Terminals Servers, Scanners etc.

Data Centre Planning, Setup and implementation

The first step is of collecting the exact Job Description (JD) from the Client. The JD describes exact job specification, salary structure, numbers required and other terms and conditions of employment.



The franchise operations consistently meet the high targets by Wipro. During the current year we have been rated as Number One franchise in the East

The general performance levels achieved are:

1. Response Time: Less than 4 Hours – 98%

2. Calls per machine per month: 0.17

3. First call Effectiveness: 95%



The entire systems are computerized. Immediate information is available on any customer, machine or engineer performance for any period. The Call Monitoring system is Web Based and has improved the efficiency & reduced the workload significantly. Regular MIS reports indicating the divisions’ performance & individual performance as per the above parameters is given to Wipro & also analyzed internally for further improvement



The division is headed by Manager-Operations who is fully responsible for the day-to-day operations of the division. A team of 30 Support Engineers (mostly Wipro Certified), three call coordinators & couriers supports him.

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