Kartavya Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Methodology

Kartavya Consultants Pvt. Ltd, a leading manpower recruitment agency, provides its Wipro clients the most effective solutions with a committed approach. Our team of consultants personally handles every step of each assignment following the strictest ethical standards.

Kartavya Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Job Description From Client

The first step is of collecting the exact Job Description (JD) from the Client. The JD describes exact job specification, salary structure, numbers required and other terms and conditions of employment.

Short listing From Data Bank

After receiving the JD, we short list CVs from our vast data-bank to meet client's specifications & requirements. In case, we do not have enough profiles matching the requirement, we post the requirement on the Web and simultaneously place an advertisement in the Leading Newspaper. This is done upon mutual acceptance from the Client.

Communicating With Suitable Candidates

Once the details of the suitable candidates are collected from our database & other resources, we talk to the candidates about their preference & permission to forward their profile to the client company.


Forwarding Shortlisted Resume To Client

After careful consideration we forward a complete set of CV's to the Clients for review and evaluation & request the Client to send us the names of short listed candidates, selected for scrutinizing as per their convenience.

Organizing Interviews & Screening Sessions

Once we receive the list of shortlisted candidates, we organize interview & scrutinizing schedules in accordance to client's convenience. We would be pleased to make final selection in case the Client or his Representative is unable to visit. Our industry experts conduct Trade Test / Personal Interview to obtain a deeper insight about the candidate.

Further Formalities

After final selection by the Client, a formal letter is issued to the candidates and declaration is taken from them accepting the terms and conditions. The selected candidates are sent for Medical Examination. The candidate is asked to submit their Medical Fitness Report along with Credentials, Passport details, identification details, etc.

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